Directions To Myrtle Beach


Stay on I95 South all the way to the Washington, DC area.
Where I95 and 495 split, you have the option of either staying on I95, depending on traffic or, take the Baltimore Washington Parkway (exit 22B). towards Washington. It becomes 295 South and ends over the bridge, and you end up back onto I95 South (approx.16 miles). 
(On the return trip, you can exit I95 again if you want, onto the Baltimore Washington Parkway at exit 22A, go the same 16 miles, and then back onto I95).

Continue South on I95 until you pass Smithfield, North Carolina 
and be alert…..Get on I40 East (Exit 81B). Stay on I40 (towards Wilmington) for approx. 90 miles, which is approximately 1-¼ hours as the speed limit is 70MPH and then EXIT AT 416A / Myrtle Beach.

Follow signs to MB & 17 South (which you should be on in about 5 minutes). Continue on Highway 17 South into Little River which will take about 30 minutes. After traveling through Little River for approximately 10 minutes, exit Route 9 North/SC31 Myrtle Beach.

Take SC31 South, also known as the Carolina Bays Parkway, to exit
Highway 22
, also known as Veterans Highway. Then take the first Myrtle Beach exit as this will put you back on Highway 17 South again, also known as Kings Highway. (SC31 parallels Highway 17 and going this way avoids all the traffic and traffic lights). 

After a few minutes, Highway 17 will then split so stay to the left. (To the right, Highway 17 is referred to as the 17 By-Pass) After the split, travel to the second traffic light and turn left on76th Avenue North. Go straight down towards the ocean.

Trip Tips From woodbridge, NJ

  • 1¼ hours to the end of the NJ Turnpike
  • To the Maryland House rest stop: (138 miles) 2 hours
  • To Baltimore: 165 miles (2 hours 15 minutes)
  • To Baltimore/Washington Parkway: 2 ¾ hours (197 miles)
  • To Silver Diner in Potomac Mills, VA, exit 156, opens at 7AM
    (703) 643-2363: 3 hours 15 minutes (240 miles)


  • To Condo: 660 miles (11) hours / From I40 to Condo: 2 ½ hours
  • From Richmond, VA to Condo: 5½ hours
  • From Condo: To I40=1½ hours; To JR's, exit 97 on I95 = 3 hours
  • To Aunt Sarah's Pancake House = 3 ½ hours

sites for helpful tips while heading down I-95